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Rooted Earth

Eyelash Potion (New)

Eyelash Potion (New)

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New Eyelash Potion from Rooted Earth Farm

This Eyelash Potion increases growth, strength, and thickness of your eyelashes. It comes in a mascara container for easy application. Can be used on the eyebrows as well to increase growth and health of your hair.

We infuse: horsetail, nettle leaf + root, sage, rosemary, oat straw, and marshmallow root into castor and sweet almond oil. These herbs and oils are known to increase growth and strength, thicken and nourish hair.

Comes in an 8 ml mascara wand bottle for easy application. (tops of mascara containers may be gold or silver)

To Use: Apply to eyelashes and/or eyebrows 1-2 times per day.


This eyelash serum has definitely moisturized and strengthened my eyelashes. They are no longer brittle, especially after using mascara. There was no dramatic growth even after using morning and night for a month. I am definitely pleased with this product and will continue to use it but will probably look for something more suited for growth.


I love this lash serum! I started using this as soon as it got delivered to my mailbox on April 2nd. It is currently May 22nd And there is a noticeable growth in my short and sparse Asian lashes. I like rolling the wand towards the roots and wiggling the brush at the base in order to get a nice amount of product on and lightly/gently massage it through after. This does a great job at conditioning lashes.

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