Loyalty Rewards Program

In Vogue Club Rewards Program

One of our favorite rewards programs is back! Get paid to shop with us:) Here's how you can earn:

1.When checking out at the register, we will create a card for you in our system and it will be conveniently kept in our card box, alphabetically, at the front desk so you don’t have to carry it around :)

2. Each time you shop with us, we’ll pull your card from the box and record the amount of your purchase before tax, in one of the six boxes (each on a different day), and then refile your card.

3. After six shopping trips to The Vogue & your Club card is full, you will receive a gift certificate worth 15% of the total recorded purchases on your card, in the mail..

4. The more you shop the more you earn back! You are in control of how big your rewards grow! Your gift certificate will be like cash that you can use in your next shopping visit, online, or you can gift it to a friend or family member, all we need is your signature in the back of the certificate :)

5. Once you have completed your first card, you will start all over with a new Club Card to continue earning more.

Perks of joining our Rewards Program:

1. Weekly emails or messages updates on new arrivals, in-store promotions & be the first to know about our famous store sales, such as: 

-Stuff the Bag Sale

-Sales on Specific items such as our shoes & purses, all tops or bottoms, Spring Sales, etc.

-Anniversary Sale** 

-Big Sidewalk Sale

-Black Wednesday Sale** (our Vogue Twist on a Black Friday) 

-Repeat Black Wednesday Sale** (taking place on a Friday evening)

2. Come in and shop on a Tuesday, earn a free box on your card, to receive your gift certificate sooner

**(All Store is 50%+ off, ONLY during these sales)