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Q. How to consign?
A. Click here for all the answers you're looking for.

 Q. Where are you located? 

 A. Small distance from Austin in Marble Falls TX. our address is  701 US 281 Ste. F

Q. How many items can I bring in?

A. We recommend 15 items for your first initial visit, so that it will be easier for you and that way you may get a feel for how our process works.

Q. Why don't you take suits, pantsuits & pants?

A. Pants and pantsuits are hard to sell, women's figures vary so much. It's incredibly difficult to find a pair of trousers that fit for many women, so they are a tricky garment to purchase. There are just too many fit points and women’s bodies are too varied. 

Q. How safe is it to order from your site?

A. Very safe ...we are McAfee approved, PayPal approved SSL Secure.

Q. Can I mail in my items, I am not from here?

A. Yes most definitely, a lot of our great consignors are from out of the area. 

Q. Can I use my credit to buy items online? And do you give a better percentage if I use my store credit to purchase store items?

A. Yes of course you can use your credit to purchase items online. And no we do not give a better percentage if you purchase items with your store credit. The money is yours to use as you please.

Q. Can you take more pictures if I am interested in purchasing from your online store? 

A. We will do our best to take additional pictures for you, as soon as possible.  And answer any questions you may have about condition, quality and measurements.

Q. How long will the items stay up in the New Arrivals Week Section...If I am still thinking about purchasing an item?

A. The weekly new arrivals will stay up approximately from 7 to 8 weeks. After that they will  come off the website. But if you're still interested in a particular item gives us a call it might still be available.


Q. Can I make a return or exchange?


A. Unfortunately, returns and exchanges are not accepted. Due to the unique consignment process, once an item sells, the money is moved into the consignor account and cannot be reversed. There are exceptions to purchasing online. Online purchases return policy.


 Q. Do I get a monthly check when my items sell?

A. No we do not send out monthly can call us, stop by or email us to send out your check. 

Q. How soon can I get my order/items?

A. Orders are typically processed the next business day. 
Domestic: 3-6 business days * Unless otherwise noted. 
International (Outside of the U.S.): 7-21 business days
All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (or USPS Priority Mail International). We do everything we can to ensure that your order is delivered ASAP, but please note that there is a possibility your package will arrive outside of the estimated time frames listed above. We know, we know - we wish teleportation were a thing too.

Q. Do you take designer knock offs handbags or other items?

A. No we do not. And if you bring in an item that you are unsure of it's authenticity...we will get it authenticated with your approval. A fee will incur.

Q. What is the cost to get an item authenticated?

A. The cost is very reasonable and we do not make a dime on the service. $20 for all handbags & accessories except for Hermes & Chanel. Hermes & Chanel $38.

Q. I'm a smoker can you take my items?

A. Sorry we do not take smokers items.

Q. Do you offer a concierge service?

A. Yes we do. Please request a price sheet for our concierge service via email at

Q. What happens to my clothes/items that don't sell? Will I get a tax donation receipt of all my clothes that didn't sell?

A. All unsold or unclaimed items will become store's property & will be disposed of at store's discretion or donated to different charitable places. Tax receipts are available upon request.

Q. Do you offer layaways? 

A. Yes we do. Our layaway is for 30 days with a 30% deposit down. Items that are markdown more than 25% cannot be put on layaway.