Why don’t we take counterfeit or fake handbags, wallets…etc? It’s harmless. Or is it?

Why don’t we take counterfeit or fake handbags, wallets…etc? It’s harmless. Or is it?

Hey Friend, many consumers today are unaware of the harm they’re causing by purchasing fake or counterfeit handbags & such. Very surprisingly and to my disgust there isn’t a strong consumer concern over the criminal act of selling another brand’s handbag designs, or of purchasing one. 

Sad, that they do not see it as a crime.

Many either said they were indifferent or weren’t concerned at all about the problem of fake items. The question that begs to be asked is how much knowledge do consumers have of the horrific working conditions some workers suffer in counterfeit manufacturing? There are many aspects of the counterfeit handbag industry that can be exposed, to bring more awareness on the shady business of counterfeit production.

Are these counterfeiters linked to terrorist attacks, deplorable child labor & other disgusting activities? Find out…read on.

Please read all about here: https://www.redpoints.com/blog/counterfeit-handbags/

Regular ordinary women who want to have purse parties with counterfeit items have gotten into big problems. And some are charged with felony activity.

So let us pledge to not support this crime or these criminals…not by selling or purchasing these counterfeit items. Pledge to not support organized crime at all…I know I will and at the Vogue we try hard not to promote or sell counterfeits. We use a reputable authenticator to authenticate the more counterfeited handbags.

Take the time and read how bad it is. Thank you Elise Trecul from Redpoints for writing this informative blog on the matter.

Is it harmless? I think NOT.

Concerned ~ Martha

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