What's Always In?...Confidence

What's Always In?...Confidence

 Have you ever worn the most basic white tee and a pair of great fitting jeans and just felt like a million bucks? You felt like that, not because of what you were wearing, but how you felt wearing it! Confidence makes a world of difference in how you approach the world and how the world approaches you.

But confidence doesn’t always come easy. That’s why it’s important to always choose clothes that make you feel good. Remember, clothes shouldn’t make you stress. And we all know which shirt makes us feel self-conscious and which pants make us squirm. Avoid them! Don’t let uncomfy clothes decide how you will feel that day. Wear your favorite color, and choose colors that will fit your skin, eye and hair color. If you feel great in it, your confidence will show!

Still not sure what clothing makes you feel good?

Try this: 1. Grab a fun, supportive, but honest friend. 2. Pick a day you both have open in your schedules.  3. Visit a store that has a friendly staff, that takes the time to work with you to find a feel good wardrobe (Why that description matches Vintage Vogue! 🙂 ). Play with new styles and colors and you may be pleasantly surprised at what makes you feel confident! Trust me…wearing that special outfit makes a HUGE positive difference! So why not go to looking “confident”, with any outfit? You got this. What’s always “in”? CONFIDENCE.

Have you tried the above mentioned suggestion? Let us know about your experience by commenting on this post! And read our other related post: Appearance Matters.

Julissa Hernandez

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