What French Women Are Doing Right

What French Women Are Doing Right

I recently read a book called French Women for All Seasons. I wanted to know their secret for looking young, keeping active, and above all their chic fashion style. (don’t be hater, they do have a lot of style)
 Anyway come to find out, they do have their own struggles like us Americans.
But I did learn a lot from this author, Mireille Guiliano, she wrote the famous book, French Women Don’t Get FAT… grab a cup of coffee or tea, cozy up, and listen…
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 But bottom line is that they kinda in a way count their calories. They eat mindfully, in others words, they enjoyed their meals slowly and savoring every bite. (Something I can learn from as I gobble my food up)
One way she suggested is to cook your own meals, use seasonal vegetables & fruits.
She talks about the 50% solution: Portion control is more of an art than a discipline. So this is what she does, ready for this? First, she ask herself will I be just as happy eating half as much? So she will only eat half of what she orders or cooks, if she’s still hungry then she will eat half of the half that’s left. Then after she pauses and reconsiders again. She will also split her desserts with her husband and counts her bread, ect.
So she says if you are eating only half of what’s on your plate each time, you will never overeat. Geez she even does this with a banana. She will only eat half of her banana and put the other half away. Mind you she uses a fork to eat her banana. (Not hating here… are you?)
She says if you do this regularly, your sense of a satisfying portion is bound to shrink. (geeez I know I need alot of shrinkage)

Should I give this a try? Will you?

So here’s the gist of the book:

  1. Sit down and enjoy your meals slowly (use appetizer plates)
  2. Use seasonal vegetables and eat more fruits & vegetables
  3. Less sugar, no sugar in coffee, enjoy the flavor of the coffee
  4. Enjoy the 4 seasons (not the hotel) be in the now & do something every season… bike rides, go swimming, ect.
  5. Start cooking your own meals
  6. Learn how to use wines in all your meals, only 1/4 to 1/2 glass of wine per meal
  7. Use the 50% solution
  8. For dessert have either dark chocolate or cheese
  9. Limit fast food
  10. Drink lots of water

There you have it. I really enjoyed the book… I know I know I talked about food most of the blog but it is still a good book. If you want to borrow it let me know, I will have it in the Vogue.

We are all women here trying our best to enjoy life & live it to the fullest. So we can learn from our French counterparts and I am sure they can learn a lot from us too. I love all my fellow women… no hate here.

PS: My husband promised me a trip to Paris on our 40th anniversary… let’s see how covid goes next summer. (sigh)

~ Au revoir un bisou Martha

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