I Need This Like I Need A Hole in My Head...

I Need This Like I Need A Hole in My Head...

I need this like I need a hole in my head… Have you heard that expression before? Or have you said it before? Sounds painful. Well, you’re not alone…I hear that a lot. Truth is, we feel we don’t have enough. 

Sometime back I went to Marfa a town here in West Texas. And they have an interesting building, well 2 to be exact. Prada Marfa & Tiny Target…no retail therapy here…only window shopping. It’s a tribute to our Western materialism, letting us know how materialistic we’ve become. The more, more, more generation. Enough is never enough. (stop by when you get a chance…no need for your credit cards)

Question is: Do we make purchases with our brains or with our emotions? Do we convince ourselves saying, yes I need this… when making a buying decision. 

 is it that bad? Is it bad to feel pretty & happy with a new outfit? I know, I know we might not need it, but new….aaaaa…when we slip into something new, we feel soooooo sooooo special. pretty, & it helps us forget some of our troubles. It’s almost like a high or rush. There is a name for it…Retail Therapy.

Retail Therapy…how do we use this therapy? Well, let me tell you.

When to use this therapy:
     First up…

When we have had a hard day with the kids…nothing like a good shopping day at the mall won’t help.
My fight with my best friend, my husband, boss etc…aaaaa yes…serve me up some retail therapy
    And yes don’t forget

Let me have some retail therapy it will be my outlet for my frustrations and my reliever of stress. It’s a lot less addictive than Prozac… 

Nothing beats spending money to forget about your troubles.

Is it that innocent? True for a while it might make you feel good, but then this therapy might lead to other troubles. Remember the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, it became something far serious. Credit card debt.

So inconclusion, yes we can enjoy retail therapy & yes it can make us feel good.

We just need to use it, like butter on your toast. Nice & lite.  

Fun fact: While most women – 65% – said they enjoy retail therapy, unsurprisingly 44% of men claim to only shop when they have to. (Aaaaa what a surprise…NOT… LOL )

❤ Confessions of an Owner of a consignment boutique.telling it to you straight no sugar coating…for your retail therapy….shop consignment first. 

~ Martha



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