The White Dress

The White Dress

Should we remember our mothers in a particular month? I say NOT. My mother passed away over 5 years ago…and not a day goes by that I do not remember her. Her looks, warmth, love & wisdom by sharing her good advice with all her children.

As far as I can remember my mother was deaf and could only see with one eye. That hazel eye was precious to us all. 

She was born during the great depression & as most of you know saving money was top on their list. She made me the wise shopping girl I am. I miss her. Her laughter, great advice, and that hazel eye.

My mother went completely blind a year before her death, she lost the sight of her hazel eye, her window to us all.

But before that happened I took her shopping. She loved to go shopping with me and make me try dresses…(Yes I became her with my own daughter…that’s another story). Anyways she liked how one dress, in particular, looked on me…a white somewhat sparkling dress. I really did not like it, but I bought it anyway because she liked the way it looked on me. 

I never wore it…it has been hanging in my closet for over 8 years.

Lately cleaning out my closet, I see the dress and remember the beautiful shopping day I had with my mother and I can’t seem to wear it for some reason or get rid of it.

Should I leave it in my closet? It’s not hurting anybody, is it?

Our mothers are special…hug them (only if you & she have been vaccinated) or give them the biggest virtual hug possible…tell them how special they are.

Btw thank your mother-in-law too for giving you that wonderful husband of yours, they’re special too you know.

What do you think, should I keep it?

~ Martha

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