The Stranger I Live With…

The Stranger I Live With…

So, long…wishing you a happy marriage 😞

Words expressed to my daughter…she was the last one to leave the home. Mind you I only have 2 kiddos. 

So now what? This ever happened to you? You look at your husband and see a stranger? You have been so focused on raising the kids, that sometimes we neglect our partners. I had been guilty of that. (okay, okay I might be exaggerating about him being a stranger)

Does it have to be that way? Mmm…mama’s words: Pay attention to your husband, the kids leave but he stays.

Our kids are borrowed for a time, we raise them, feed them, educate them to become responsible adults, and then…yes…they leave. We know that the job of a parent never finishes…we are parents till we die. And we should feel a sense of accomplishment, raising responsible adults…at least I think I raised responsible adults (leave me alone)

 Actually, the relationship we have with our grown kids improves as they face adult challenges & now feel a certain connection with us. They understand us better now. Don’t you agree?

But as with anything in time, relationships need some adjustments. I had to work with the stranger I had at home.

I learned… well, we learned how to deal with grown children. Now I (we) had to get acquainted with each other all over again. It was a little frightening to see this handsome stranger in the house. But I was determined. 

Frightening but exciting…This new-found free time allotted me the time to focus on him & on each other. Get to know him all over again. It has been a very exhilarating experience.

There was a period of transition, there for both of us.

But now it all came back on why I’d fallen in love with this handsome stranger, with all his little peculiarities( like being a clean freak, well that’s for another story) I remember why I said yes to marrying him.

We have so much fun together all alone…yes ALL ALONE. 

We like each other’s company, talk, laugh, and goof around. Don’t be afraid to fall in love all over again with your stranger. I did and it’s been such a blessing. 

What say you? Have you experienced the Stranger in the House syndrome? I know, I know it’s called the Empty Nest Syndrome. But i like to see it as the Stranger in the House syndrome…so shoot me.

Are you an Empty Nester? Did you experience the Stranger in the House Syndrome? Let me know what you went through…we’re nosy & want to know.

PS- BTW – We’ll celebrate our 42 year wedding anniversary in June. 🎵At last
My love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song 🎵

~ Martha

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