The ONE Piece of Training I got

The ONE Piece of Training I got

When we are young we think we know better…but as we mature to the adult women we are…we start to realize just how smart our mothers were.

I miss my mother…but her words will always be in my head.

“Be a smart shopper she would always say: Shop resale when you can and save those pennies. Be smart in your shopping habits”.

Mamas words. What words do you hear in your head?

Hey everyone…I was not feeling well today…missing my mom and feeling a little blue. I posted a video on some of our new arrivals, not all but some. I tried adding music to the video and I don’t think it took well. Let me know what you think?

Well stay golden my friends and we’ll see each other at the Vogue.

ps- Don’t forget our new motto: Saving the Earth one garment at a time! We can do this!!!

xo ~ Martha

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