Start 2024 on the right greatly-discounted-FABULOUS-brand-name-shoe-wearing foot

Start 2024 on the right greatly-discounted-FABULOUS-brand-name-shoe-wearing foot

So it’s a long title but that’s exactly how we should start off any year and keep it that way throughout the remainder. These are certainly tough economic times but we shouldn’t mope about it. Instead, we should look at it as a fun challenge!

It’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps looking for the best deals around and this is the perfect time to look for them. Spring is quickly approaching and the best time to shop for winter items is when winter is on it’s way out the door. It’s always a good idea to buy clothes out of season because that is when you get the best deals. Of course you’ll be dying to wear your new coats and sweaters and let’s face it, you may bust one out to wear on one of those “cool” and rare 80 degree days in the spring/summer, but at least you will not have spent a small fortune on your personal 2023/2024 winter collection.

Another tip is to always look for the essential wardrobe pieces. How many of us have random things we’ve bought that are just hanging in our closets collecting dust? Those items take up money that could be used purchasing great staple pieces. With a few of those pieces and nice accessories, you won’t feel the urge to break your piggy bank every time you run across a new fad.

Well those are just a couple of tips to staying fashionable without spending a fortune. Stay tune for more!


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