Stacey…she’s one of a kind!

Stacey…she’s one of a kind!

Here we are spotlighting yet another one of our great employees…
part of our great sales team!

Here we are with...

Stacey Stover

…she is one spunky fashionista! 
She loves all things fashion and you can certainly tell. 

Do you know she gets up at 5am every morning to walk & run!!!!

You go girl…she takes such good care of herself. Something I want to imitate from her.

She joined our team over 2 years ago and already a 
favorite to some of our customers. 

Married to the love of her life Mike for the past 17 years, 
truly a beautiful couple.

 She has another special guy in her life…Her 92 year old father, who she visits weekly. A very devoted daughter, we love that about her.

Every morning when she comes in to work…we see 
her bright smile, her cheerful attitude and it’s contagious…
we all smile and feel her energy. 

Thank you Stacey for being part of the team…don’t ever leave us.

Make sure and ask her advice when shopping at the store…she has great fashion sense! 

We’re so fortunate to have her with us. We love you Stacey!

When you get a chance stop by and say hello to her…our Stacey.

Write her a love note here at the bottom of this blog post. Show her how much she is appreciated. She is wonderful...let her know that❤️❤️❤️



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What a sweet smile. Very friendly. I can tell she loves fashion.

Barbara Crofford

What a sweet smile. Very friendly. I can tell she loves fashion.

Barbara Crofford

Yea, Stacey, I only met you once while visiting Erin @ the store, but could tell you were a great fashionista a such a great addition to to the Vogue!


Hi Stacey- I don’t think I could add much to the above. Nice to hear about your dedication to what matters in your life. Very helpful you are!

patti malone

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