Special gal Mardie...

Special gal Mardie...

Here's our special Sales Associate Mardie Lee Jones...

…let’s get to know her better. Let’s see… past gymnastic girl, currently single, loves hanging out with friends, country music & above all fashion...anything Johnny Was.

 (oops there might be trouble here with all the JW pieces at the store…too much temptation)

❤️Loves people, gracious and considerate towards others...thank you Mardie for being that way and showing that same gracious spirit towards our wonderful customers at the store. She displays the same willing spirit with her work mates…always trying to help….Way to go Mardie, a real team player!

Another thing I see in her...is her adventurous spirit. A girl with a sense of adventure who enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations, whether locally or internationally. She has lived in different parts of the world including Costa Rica. (very interesting don't you think?)

Great to have her here with us and in our team.

She is truly ready to serve you. Stop by to get to know our Mardie 

Write her a love note here at the bottom of the blog. What a nice way to show how much you appreciate her.

xo- Martha🖤

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Thank you Ladies for showing some love to our Mardie…much appreciated. See you at the Vogue.


I love shopping when you are there to help. You have such a. Cheerful disposition!! Always smiling.

Gaye Christy-Cave

I love this girl. So sweet, kind and helpful.shes definitely a keeper!!

Barbara Crofford

I do enjoy Mardie! What a joy :) Always thinking how she can assist me, sometimes when I’m not even there;)

Kathy Young

Thank you Mardie for your beautiful smile and kind words every time I come in! You always make my day brighter!

Tammy Price

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