SLEEPING ON YOUR BACK & BEAUTY… What’s the connection?

SLEEPING ON YOUR BACK & BEAUTY… What’s the connection?

Sleeping On Your Back? Hmmmm….

Hey Girl thought I share a quick 9-minute video on learning to sleep on your back. You might ask why? Well let me tell you…get you a glass a wine, sit back & learn. Many women on the internet swear by it. Thanks Angie with HotandFlashy for posting this video for us. 

Let’s think about it. When you sleep on your side you push your cheeks and aggraviate your nasolabial folds. Yes I had to look that up too (just another name for your laugh lines) Okay I want to sound inteligent. And this among other wrinkles you are helping form, really if you’re in bed for 7 hours…Ouch that’s 7 hours of squishing, squashing your face. Not a good thing. Even develop deeper wrinkle chest cleavage & puffy eyes…Noooooooooooooooo.

Okay I haven’t learned how to sleep on my back. But I want to learn. Train myself to sleep like a corpse…I will try it for the next 21 days. Hey they say you can develop a habit in 21 days. Yes a good habit or even a bad habit…lol

I mean when you think about it…it’s cheapper than some of those expensive wrinkle creams…right. So I’ma going to give it a try. Are you in? Reply below & let me know if you want to do it with me for the next 21 days.

Here is what she says:

  1. Not an easy habit to break
  2. Will take you some time. So don’t give up.
  3. Using a pillow wedge, keeping your head elevated helps
  4. How to aliviate hip pain for some of us when trying to sleep on your back
  5. And an added plus no shoulder pain…yes
  6. She swears about getting a much deeper sleep more restful…Well I am in.
  7. Recommended some interesting pillows: The Face Pillow & a Big Body Pillow

So go ahead and see the video…if you are in a bit of a hurry start at marker 4:05…thats where she gets to the nitty gritty.

And again here is my mom’s advice, she had some very good habits in her skincare routine:
Mom’s advise

Take the time to dress for the day…no time for the al’natural…dress like you’re going to meet the love of your life, and after…dress to keep the love of your life! (believe me, she would say this, honest)

And last, as women we’re always trying so hard…so give yourself a break…do the best you can…and Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂 Yes use your nasolabials folds. Hehe

That’s it for today girl…now go get some wrinkle free back side sleep.

FYI…you can speed up the video using the icon gear or the settings right on the video bottom right. Click on it & set the speed you like…I am a very impatient person so mine is set to 2…but you can make it go slower. (Don’t judge me)

What’s your beauty secret?

Share it with us in the comments! 🙂

~ Martha Valerio

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