Our own Golfer in the house, Debbi

Our own Golfer in the house, Debbi

Another great team member @ the Vogue. 

Debbi Thomas

Let’s find out a little bit about her …shall we?

She’s been married to her high school sweetheart, Steve, for 38 years.  
The mother of three children: Erica,36;  Kelly, 34; and Brad, 32; and the grandmother of Cameron, her 6-year old beautiful grandson. 

She retired from AstraZeneca five years ago and is 
taking full advantage of her freedom. 

First of all, she and her husband are avid golfers.  As a matter of fact, they just returned from a golfing trip to Lajitas, Texas, an extremely popular golfing resort. They had so much fun there, we were not sure she was going to return.  (we’re glad you came back to us Debbi)

In addition to golfing every week, she travels frequently, plays pickleball often, and walks daily. When she is not doing any of those activities, she prefers to read a good mystery book or she finds herself baking, crocheting, and sewing for friends and family.

She has a knack for helping customers put together that perfect outfit, and especially skilled at accessorizing.  (so ask her to help you anytime)

Even though she has only been here for over a year, she is a perfect fit. She’s friendly and helpful, so, when you get a chance, stop by the Vogue and find out for yourself.

We’re so fortunate to have Debbi on our team, happy she’s with us.

Stop by soon to get to know her.

Write her a love note here at the bottom of this blog post...let her know how much she is appreciated. We are so fortunate to have her❤️❤️❤️


xo- Stacey & Martha

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Now Iknow more about you. I went to Lajitas for a different reason. Fun place. Love your smiling face.

patti malone

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