Our own Catalog Specialist...Gaby

Our own Catalog Specialist...Gaby

Yes, in November we’re spotlighting all of our great employees…

here we have:

Gaby Perez    

One special young lady…I have known my Gaby since she was wee little.
Such a great gal…well mannered, sincere and honest.
She is a breath of fresh air…so unassuming…
She doesn’t know how gorgeous she is.  (Gaby you’re beautiful.)

She is patient, caring and so committed to doing her job well. 
She’s done such a great job at listing the store’s New Arrivals clothing & 

She is so reserved…so sometimes I hug her, squeeze her & that makes her smile…
Stop by and ask for my Gaby, I can share her. (lol)

This wonderful gal runs our online boutique, eBay,  poshmark & others…
Remember getting those alerts about our New Arrivals on Tuesdays…
well she works hard at it. 

We all appreciate receiving those emails with all the goodies. Right ladies?

I wish there were more young gals like her in the world.

Gaby is much loved here at the Vogue🖤


Comment below & tell us what you think of the New Arrivals? Do you like getting the Tuesdays New Arrivals?

Send her a love note at the bottom of this blog post...let her know how much she is appreciated.❤️❤️❤️


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Hi Gaby- a special thanks to all new items featured. makes foe easy shopping.

patti malone

So sweet

Rita Reiner

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