Our Gigi...😊

Our Gigi...😊

Here we are spotlighting yet another one of our great employees…here we have:

Galina Galinsky aka Gigi –  

Have you ever met a more hardworking Russian?

I hadn’t till I met Gigi…she is one hard-working individual. She says it’s her Russian heritage.

We just love her…she is so giving…do not compliment her on something she is wearing because before you know it she is taking it off and giving it to you!!!!

She worries about the store, her fellow-workers & it’s customers. (yes, that’s you)

Her devotion is beyond anything I have seen. She will stick to you till the end.

Don’t leave us Gigi...we all love you. 

She has a heart of gold. 

She’s been with the store for the past 8 years! Show her some love today. Or better yet write her a love note here below the blog post.

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xo- Martha

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GiGi, I have heard nothing but good things about you from our daughter Erin! You are loved!


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