Me the Owner of the Vogue...

Me the Owner of the Vogue...

Hey ladies,
All November we have been spotlighting our awesome employees. These employees and of course our great consignors make what Vintage Vogue is...without them this boutique would not be a favorite boutique of many.
So now to spotlight yet someone else....Me...(sigh) I don't like to talk about myself 
but here goes…

I am married to the only man I have ever loved and dated, Jorge or George going on 42 years! Wow, how time flies. I love this man. He is caring & thoughtful…(well when he is not playing golf…lol.) He is brilliant at what he does, he is a residential designer and OH Boy!!! can he design. Ask any for his clients and they will tell you.

  We have two wonderful kiddos, Jay my son married to Rebecca (some of you remember Rebecca from working in the store with me), and my grandson Valentino, the apple of my eyes…Can you believe he is 15 already!!!! And I have a beautiful daughter Julissa married to her dream guy Raul and currently living in NY...I miss her.
My family means so much to me, it is where I get all my support to keep going and to feel the fear and do it anyway. Can you relate with your family? Right? Without the support of our loved ones it would be exhausting and lonely? With the help of my family, my wonderful employees and of course all my consignors the store has now been opened going on 17 years! Wowzee!

So much to be grateful for!


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Aaaaaa thank you ladies for your undeserved thoughts towards me💕 …thank you for being you and for supporting our little boutique. Remember any questions or help do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am truly blessed…correction we are truly blessed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Now that I know more about you girls, I feel like you are my friends…Thank you Martha, I always enjoy visiting your store

Elizabeth Harrison-mezger

Your shop and staff are amazing.

Bettina Adams

You are the gift to community because of all you have posted and the heart you show your staff and others. You are loved and an example to other women owned businesses. Continued success and blessings.

patti malone

I love you Martha. So happy for you and your staff. Wishing you continued success! You’re truly blessed! ⚘️


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