It has been scientifically proven..

It has been scientifically proven..

That owning cute activewear makes women want to work out more.

Okay, so I’m just kidding about it being scientifically proven!

But there is truth to that statement. Owning activewear that makes you look and feel good will give you more confidence, which increases your desire to get up and get active. We all know that wearing an oversized t-shirt and your bleached stained sweats that stretch out in funny places after wearing them for a while,
don’t exactly motivate you to go to the gym or for a walk, let alone look in a mirror. So make it a point to reward yourself for making healthy choices and get you some nice activewear.

But there’s no need in spending $100 on yoga pants. Just visit Vintage Vogue for their affordable gently worn activewear that makes you feel good about yourself and your healthy lifestyle! Share with us how you get motivated to get moving. Comment on this post 🙂


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