Hey Girl, so I’ve been thinking about decluttering part of my home, just getting rid of some excess, but I don’t know where to start. I thought should I just go ahead and start in every room…just take a day and just go for it?

Fortunately I found Joshua Becker’s video. Thought why not listen to what he had to say…It’s a 7-minute video and he made a lot of sense…start easy and move yourself up. Mentions that most of us start decluttering in the wrong place. Too often, we choose a difficult first step, and that turns into frustration. I didn’t want that. Thanks Joshua. 

Here is what he had to say…Do Not, Do Not start here:

  1. Removing photos…some of us have too many boxes of old family photos, just going through them will suck a lot of hours and we won’t see any progress….so don’t do that right now. Save for later.
  2. Sentimental items. Again will take too many hours. Later gator.
  3. Paper: Paper clutter is a real issue, no doubt about it, but you can spend hours working through just one small pile of paper and see no significant difference in your home. Hasta la vista for now.
  4. The garage. Similar to paper, large cluttered spaces like a garage or a basement take a lot of time, and a more noticeable change in your home can be better made elsewhere. Put this in theHoney Doooo listlol
  5. Kids toys. Start on your own things first, they will follow.
  6. Your partners or spouses things. You do your stuff first & set the example.
  7. Drawers! OMG yes…wait to do those later…just close the drawer.
  8. Your collections….mmmm question your collections
  9. Digital clutter. Don’t start by deleting old emails, etc. Digital clutter is different than physical clutter, physical clutter carries more weight.
  10. Books – difficult task for many of us.

There you have it …work through your home easiest-to-hardest, starting with the most lived in areas first. This method is the most effective for the most amount of people because you can gain momentum. 

So go ahead and see the video…it’s full of many golden nuggets.

And last, as women we’re always trying so hard…so give yourself a break…do the best you can…and Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂

That’s it for today girl…now go attack your easy declutter first. You got this girl, and so do I. We can do this together.

Let me know what your starting with? Reply below.

FYI…you can speed up the video using the icon gear or the settings right on the video bottom right. Click on it & set the speed you like…I am a very impatient person so mine is set to 2…but you can make it go slower. (Don’t judge me) 

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