Hey Girl, so let me tell you…I live with a clean freak. Yes my husband likes a clutter free, clean home. I always thought I was a clean and neat girl until …you guessed it I married George. He even likes to do the laundry (what man likes to do the laundry?)…so I am the envious of some of my girlfriends. And yes you know who you are, I won’t mention them… but their names start with an E & a J and ….

Yes it is nice to develop good habits to maintain a clean & clutter-free home. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit either a good one or a bad one. But let’s keep this positive and learn how to develop some good ones.

Fortunately I found Joshua Becker’s video, where he shares some of his great habits. Come to find out we have been doing some of them all along. But it’s a great watch. It’s only 5 minutes and makes some great points. Thanks Joshua. 

Here they are:

  1. Make your bed. First thing, right away, as soon as you get up. This will also set the right tone for your day. The last one to get up has to do it…(geez I also married an early riser…grrrr)
  2. Put away your coat and shoes. Also scarves, and  gloves, and hats; as soon as you walk in the door…we never wear shoes inside our home… they go directly into the garage.
  3. Number three, sort out mail by the waste basket and throw out what’s junk and not needed.
  4. Put dishes away right away. Don’t leave them out on the counter, in the sink, or in the dishwasher.
  5. Don’t leave clothes on the floor or furniture, like never ever…it literally takes less than 30 seconds to put them away,
  6. Put away your keys and change. Wherever your drop zone is.
    Bonus:  you’ll always know where your keys are.
  7. Don’t leave out bathroom toiletries; in the morning after getting ready, & with your nigh-time routine. Clear your counter.(i’ma needing to work on this… eat me….my counter a little messy his counter immaculate…I am a hater here…)
  8. Put kids school items away right after school.  Teach and show your kids where their backpacks go…train them.
  9. Empty the car entirely whenever you arrive home. I bet you thought your car wasn’t going to be talked about…but it says a lot of how you might have your house just by looking at your car.
  10. Wash your snack dishes and cups immediately. Pots and pans obviously take longer than a minute, but snack bowls etc.
  11. Store away your kitchen appliances; toaster, coffee pot, etc. (I am a little weary about this one…we all don’t have that extra cupboard to do this…meh)
  12. Pick up toys. There is no age too early to teach your kids how to be neat.
  13. Tear down cardboard boxes. Get rid of them as soon as you don’t need them or if you are storing them tear them down.
  14. Put away the remote controls. Don’t leave remote controls scattered all over the living room.
  15. Return chargers and cords to drawers, when not in use.
  16. Fold your blanket after each use. Wadded blanket or nicely folded?
  17. Empty full trash cans and bins. Someone’s got to do it…might as well be my husband…lol.
  18. Return reading materials to their designated home: magazines, newspapers, books, games etc.
  19. Throw out any expired leftovers or food. Whether you find it in the pantry or the refrigerator…(geez we’re not growing penicillin here…or are we?)
  20. Put away your tools…

There you have it …

Go ahead and see the video…it’s full of many golden nuggets.

And last, as women we’re always trying so hard…so give yourself a break…do the best you can…and Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂

That’s it for today girl…now go attack your daily shores starting with making your bed…you know it’s Sunday & you still haven’t done it…I remember my big sister never wanted to do her bed and she would reason why? I am going to sleep on it tonight…My mom would just shake her head and my other sister and myself would do it for her…. 

You got this girl, and so do I. We can do this together, 21 days to do this list everyday. We can do it!  

Let me know some of your decluttering habits! Let’s help each other in the comments! 🙂

FYI…you can speed up the video using the icon gear or the settings right on the video bottom right. Click on it & set the speed you like…I am a very impatient person so mine is set to 2…but you can make it go slower. (Don’t judge me) 

xo- Martha

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