I sat down with my body...

I sat down with my body...

I took a cup of coffee and sat down to talk to my Body one to one. And here is how it went:

My Body…

I have had a love hate relationship with you. And for that I want to apologize. As I turned into a teenager, I wished my breasts wouldn’t have grown…sorry Body, I tried desperately to cover them up, to no avail. It was all in the process, but I was so subconscious of it…made me sick. This was no fault of yours. 

But I came to learn to accept them & appreciated them when I had my 2 beautiful children. Sorry it took me so long to discover this. Sorry Girl (Body)

Teenage years were hard, sorry about keeping you hungry, whilst counting calories so as not to be overweight…for some reason Body, I started to (puberty) develop and gain weight. So here were the diets…the starve yourself then have a grapefruit. Sorry I made you shaky and nauseous. The count your bread intake and Oh No Never, Ever Eat 2 Pieces of Pizza. The learn to eat half or a quarter of what your Date eats. Sorry Body.

Till eventually letting go… not 2 pieces of pizza but eating 4 or 5, chocolate please, candy, yes mam. Pounds adding up. Please forgive me.

My dear Body, I am trying now…almost 60…I do intermittent fasting, not with hunger at all. I have learned how to do it the right way thanks to Dr. Fung and the Diet Dr.. no sugar, eating more salads & veggies…plus green healthy smoothies. Incorporating walking into my regimen too, it took me a while Body, but I am getting there.

I’m Doing This For You (of course it’s for me…shhhhhh)

You are what God has given me & I need to cherish & take care of you… My gratitude runs deep for you. You have put up with my teenage years & my letting go years…Sorry & I thank you. You are Me.

Body, I am so committed to the work ahead. I have a great husband (George) who is helping me in accomplishing this mission. And I will succeed, with you by my side my patient Body.

A Million Times, Thank You My Body…



Have you had a love hate relationship with your body? Let me know.

PS- It’s hard being a woman, ain’t it…but it can also be fascinating…let’s be fascinating.

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