Fast Fashion is Hurting all of us!

Fast Fashion is Hurting all of us!

Fast Fashion is Hurting all of us!

Hello Earth Friend,

Just this past week I was watching with my grandson, Our Planet on Netflix, the episode on Frozen Worlds. And it broke my heart to know how much our human behavior is affecting the beautiful animal kingdom. Our fast fashion addiction is part of the problem. If you haven’t watched it, please do. 

One thing was mentioned…that as the sea ice melts we’re starting to lose our white shield protection from the sun. So the loss of ice brings devastating consequences for all those that depend on it!

I encourage you to watch a little clip that I will be attaching … of what we are all contributing to, to this sad situation.

I implore you to think about recycling, reusing, and reducing fast fashion.

A way for you to contribute is shopping resale. Now don’t think that I am only promoting my boutique, no I am promoting all thrift and consignment stores. You can recycle by bringing in your items to resale and first shopping at your nearest thrift or consignment stores.

That is why our new motto is: Saving the Earth one garment at a time!

xo ~ Martha

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