Fashionista Crisis in the Hill Country

Fashionista Crisis in the Hill Country

I know your frustration. You’re a fashionista living in the Hill Country, at a comfortable distance from the big city fuss, comfortable, that is, UNTIL you’re getting ready for this wonderful night out and you burned a hole through your blouse while ironing, got an insane, how-is-that-even-possible amount of deodorant on your dry-clean only dress, and you ended up on the sorry end of your usual monthly woman 5 pound loss/gain and you really don’t want to feel like an encased sausage tonight (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything) .

After realizing you don’t have time to run over to Austin to shop and you’re done daydreaming about owning a personal jet to be able to do so, you ask yourself.. “Should I head down to Ross and risk five other people wearing the exact same thing as me?”…”OR should I go to one of those downtown boutiques and pay a small fortune for a pair of jeans or an overly bedazzled t-shirt?”

None seem like viable options to a fashionista like yourself but alas!

You receive a hero of a text message, letting you know about the huge sale at Vintage Vogue. It’s in town and sells name brand consignment clothing that lets you express your style and be unique, while not have having to spend a full day’s salary on one outfit. So you got this killer outfit and successfully evaded a crisis thanks to your local consignment store…WHEW! Close one…

 – Julissa Hernandez

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