End of the Year Resolutions…ugh!

End of the Year Resolutions…ugh!

Can you believe that we are actually about to welcome in 2023. That sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it?

I know that the end of the year is a time when folks make New Year’s resolutions, but to be honest, I am not a big fan of those. Too much pressure and stress.

Why start the year off with that type of energy? I do a version of that though that I want to share with you all. Instead of one huge goal, I select one goal or mini goals for each month. It’s more manageable, more fun, and a great way to keep those dendrites growing. I learned in basic training that anyone can pretty much do anything for 30 days. But ultimately, it’s the attempt that matters the most

For most of the year, I eat very little meat. It’s easy in the summer because it’s so hot, but it gets more challenging when the weather changes. So, I change with it. For Thanksgiving, I have your typical Thanksgiving turkey—I really do stuff my face. But, from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas, I am 100% into it: no meat, alcohol, dairy, or sweets. I’m not always successful, but I love the way it makes me feel. I also save a lot of $$ too—more to spend at the Vogue.

In January, I start each morning with a small meditation. I do this over a cup of Joe while my husband is still catching some Z’s. It might last 1-2 minutes, but I only think of the moment. I know it might sound silly, but it helps me set the tone for the rest of the day. My younger sister T suggested this one to me. I am highly wired, so I think it was her way of saying, “Chill out my biggie.” SMILE. Challenge accepted.

March’s challenge is to read a bit more. I’m just now finishing up a book on world religions. I even make it a point to read poetry. It’s really hard to read poetry and be hyper at the same time. For me, it’s another form of meditation.

Anyway, I think you get my point……….

The best thing about 30-day challenges is if in the middle of the month, you find that it’s harder than you think, keep going. You are halfway there.You can select ONE goal, or mini-goals. See what works best for you.  But definitely find someone else to do this with you. I always go to one sister in particular–my other three sisters think we are both out of our minds! Anyway, you will realize how strong you actually are and recognize that there’s always room for growth. Always.

So, check out this link https://www.clevergirlfinance.com/blog/30-day-challenges/and have at it.

If you have any ideas that you want to share, please do…share below. Have anything to say? Comment here too, love to know your thoughts.

Many thanks,

 ~ Stacey

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