Confessions of an Owner of a Consignment Boutique…

Confessions of an Owner of a Consignment Boutique…

As I took a big sip of my cranberry juice, I wondered why the flight attendant and the guy sitting next to me in the window seat (I was in the middle seat) …yes I wondered why they kept staring at me. As my taste buds savored the cool cranberry juice…I REALIZED than that what I had been drinking was red wine!!!! I had mistakenly without any intention…drank my neighbors’ wine!

I felt my face turn red as the attendant said that was not for you…this one is for you…your cranberry juice.

I told the guy, here is your wine…of course, he said no after I had taken that sip… that’s fine, I will order a new one…sadly the attendant let him know that, that was the last cup of wine. (geez…get me out of here)

I wanted to hide, I wanted to cry, I wanted to be somewhere else. At that moment my deodorant stopped working right on its track. I wanted to raise my arms and shovel some air on my sweaty pits…hush we women do have sweaty pits. I didn’t want to see his disappointed face. AWKARD.

On the plane ride, I kept thinking about that. When I saw the attendant reach out with a red liquid in a cup I assumed it was for me. Why did I do that? What’s wrong with me? Why wasn’t I paying more attention?

What is the trick to overcoming feelings of embarrassment?

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh it off.

I looked at my neighbor tapped his air pods and apologized for drinking some of his red wine. Don’t worry about it…he said I didn’t need it that badly…whew!

See how shaking it off and laughing it off helps.

We all judge ourselves much too harshly.

In our lifetimes we’ve all had some embarrassing moments…now we laugh and we talk about them with a smile.

Embarrassment is just a feeling…that’s it

I learn to say… what is the worst that can happen? People are into their own fears and problems to pay attention to you or me. Yes, I am not the center of the universe! Really?

Yes, I am not that important. So I learn not to take myself too seriously, get up, keep talking to the world whilst laughing it off. It’s just okay.

What say you? Have you had an embarrassing moment in your life that you would like to share? Would love to hear about it. Click below to reply to me (the wine robber) see not serious at all.

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