Boutique vs Retail

Boutique vs Retail

All those who love a great customer service experience and value helpful feedback when shopping around for a specific piece, raise your hand! 

Boutique vs Retail 

Alright, now put it down because people are probably wondering why this crazy person has their hand in the air..

Now that we have humored you for a split second, let us get down to the nitty gritty: Boutique vs. Retail! 

A boutique is actually a specialized type of retail store, but slightly different at the same time. Let me explain. A boutique is different from other retail businesses based on the limitations it has in size, scope and the inventory it carries. There are certain attributes of boutiques that need to be understood in order to really enjoy the boutique experience:

– Size of the Business: 

Boutiques are fairly small and cozy when compared to huge retail stores we are accustomed to. They usually have a central location and stick to that location for the life of their business, while a retail store has various locations opening and closing constantly as they expand. What does this mean? Well, if we put two and two together we come to the conclusion that Boutique shops are synonym to great, personalized, customer experience when shopping for you fashion needs! You know you will always be greeted by a friendly face and have all the feedback you want when trying on a specific item. Just to top everything off, we guarantee you a cozy, warm experience here at Vintage Vogue and all our gals are aspiring fashionistas that are always willing to give you the fashion advice you request. If that isn’t the cherry on top, I don’t know what is! 

– Bulk of Inventory: 

Boutiques are also characterized by their limited variety in clothing. However, this should not be mistaken by a downfall or lack of inventory by any means, this simply means that we specialize in a particular product or service which in turn offers customers more choices! If we are being honest about it, we all hate it when someone else has the same clothing on as we do, am I right? It is like we are being rated by People Magazine on “Who wore it best?” and that doesn’t always work in our favor. With that said, come by The Vogue and purchase items that only you will ROCK and never worry about purchasing the same outfit as someone else! Personalize your style!

– Passion for the Product: 

Boutique owners differ from retail company owners by how their passion is displayed in their products. Usually, retail owners/managers have slim or no passion for the company or product they are selling, while a boutique owner always portrays their passion for their product as they select the inventory to sell and carefully choose the pieces that are being consigned. Here at Vintage Vogue, we meticulously look through all the pieces we receive from our lovely consignors and make a judicial decision on what our customers would love and purchase. We do everything driven by customer demand and preference. We are here for you guys! The owner, Martha Valerio, strictly supervises all the items that are brought to consign and mingles with the shoppers, to deliver the absolute perfect customer service experience! 

All in all, I hope the point was clear here: We want you guys to be part of the Vintage Vogue community and make us your go-to for any shopping spree you are in the mood for! We love seeing new faces joining our family! 

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Stay golden! Until the next blog, Voguers! 

Your girl, 

Mimi 🙂

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