I Trusted Their Judgment

I Trusted Their Judgment

This December will be two years since I retired, and every day, it gets better and better. The first year was figuring out how I was going to spend it, and the second year was when I started working at the Vogue.

Ironically, instead of teaching a lesson—like I did in my former life, I learned a lesson.

It’s so comforting working in an environment that is woman-owned and woman-operated. It’s refreshing to be encouraged and supported to be authentic, to be one’s self. Which brings me to the point of this blog.

When I first started here, Gg and Erin, but especially Gg, would come upon a blouse or a dress, and tell me “You should try this on—it would look good on you.” A few times they were right on point, but other times, I thought “Uh, definitely not.” Nothing was ever wrong with the stuff. I just wasn’t “feeling it” and hadn’t quite found my post-retirement swag yet. I was used to dressing in a professional manner, but trust me, I had a little diva in me.  I just had to rein it in & save it for the weekends.

Gg, as you are well aware, is unrelenting. I quickly learned that it was much easier for me to say “Yes” than to say “Uh no, I don’t think so…:)”

Oh my goodness, I was so wrong.

Because of them, I have wide-legged pants that I wear every chance I get. I always thought they were for someone else. (Sound familiar?) I have blouses with crazy sleeves in so many bright vibrant colors I don’t know how to act; I even have a velour sweat suit that makes me laugh every time I look at it. Don’t get me started on my bell bottoms!

Gg & Erin knew me better than I knew myself.

Talk about lesson learned! I am so glad that I chose to trust their judgment. Now, there’s two sides to this coin. We value honesty at the Vogue too, so when I try something on that doesn’t work, we all say, “NO!” in unison. It’s so funny…

What might this have to do with you, you might ask? EVERYTHING!

Women come in every day, look at clothes, purses, shoes, but they do like I did—hesitate, tell themselves “Uh no, I don’t think so”, and put them back. I am asking you to Puhlease reconsider. How else will you know if that sexy, black high-low dress looks good on you? What about that play-pretend leather jacket with the furry collar?

Worst case scenario: you get to laugh at yourself—Best case scenario: you look stunning.

Another thing. We have the store organized by color and size, but do not let size dictate what you select. I have been in a size 6 and a size 12, all in the same day. Do I really think I’m a size 6/12??—not at all. But, who cares? I hold it up, try it on, and I either come out laughing because it looks ridiculous, or I come out smiling because I’m “feeling it.” 

A few weeks ago Gaby wrote a blog about mixing metal with jewelry. Absolutely! How can you not feel great about yourself when you are doing your own thing. We even have this new skin care line called Rooted Earth. I started with the chap stick, and I thought all chap stick was the same. Nope. It’s a keeper. I have since tried out the Chaga mushroom lavender salve, for skin, lips, nail and hair moisturizer–it’s a keeper too. Erin, Gg and Martha have all used their products as well. We just love ‘em! Since everything in the shop is priced so reasonably, including these products, why not try ’em?

So, next time you are in the shop, try it on. You won’t know until you know!

Let me know your thoughts…go below to comment…would really love to hear what you have to say.

~ Stacey

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