What does Helen Mirren Myself & YOU have in common?

What does Helen Mirren Myself & YOU have in common?

So Helen Mirren…mmm

She’s a big star… I’m a little star & so are you (well in my family’s eyes…nah but seriously). She has a lot in common with YOU & me, guess what it is? 
 BTW you’re a big STAR in our book… 

SHE BUYS RECYCLED CLOTHING! Yes she shops resale. Well look at that…she is so smart shopping resale.

        “I’m a get a dress at the thrift shop, but open a bottle of 
                   champagne kind of person” -Helen Miren

And of course, she is not the only star to shop resale. Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes & Sarah Jessica Parker are some others to name a few. They like the originality resale clothing can give them, or perhaps they dislike all the suffering Fast Fashion has caused (sustainable fashion)…I don’t know.

But they’re looking fabulous. If these stars can create their awesome style from thrift shops & consignment boutiques, well what the heck we can too. Right? 

Here are 6 steps for shopping consignment/resale: 

  1. Make an inventory of you have in your closet…write down what you have. Or if you have a good memory than do a memory list.
  2. Go to your favorite resale boutique (why that would be Vintage Vogue of course)…the trick to shopping consignment is to go often and scout the store.
  3. Make friends with the clerks there and tell them what you are looking for. They’ll write it down & call you when it shows up at the store. So show your pearly whites and make friends with the clerks.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try different items on…we have seen so many women express themselves –”I would have never thought something like this would work for me”.
  5. If you like the item, most definitely buy it, resale & consignment boutiques don’t carry multiples of items …if you like it, buy it, it might not be here tomorrow. (you don’t know how many women regret not buying a certain item...Aaaaa I should have!)
  6. Sign up for their e-sales. Why? To learn about newbies, some fashion news and of course their promotions/sales.

I might not look like a beautiful movie star but I can sure dress like one…maybe (hey don’t burst my bubble :). I have resale at my finger tips so why not? What do you say? A little brain ingenuity and some fashion sense…and there you have it. Dressing like a star…lol

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~ Martha


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