Hi Ladies, thought I share a quick 9-minute video on 5 style rules we women should honor… Thank you Beth Djalali for the video.
Here is the list…but I do recommend you see the short video just click above…here they are:


Style Rule:
1. dress for the occasion…honor the event. Take some time, ask what the dress code is …so helpful.So many people nowadays don’t care, dress sloppy everywhere…a big No-No in my book.

2. dress comfortably, you need to feel good, clothes have a way of transforming us…Can I have an amen to this? I’m guilty of this…bra too tight!!! OUCH!!! Done this…hate it. Wear the right size too, not to small or too big.

 show more show less (ugh?) showing cleavage? wear longer skirts & wearing a shorter skirt, show less cleavage…makes sense…balance your outfit. (maybe you need to re-read this like me ugh?)

4. don’t follow trends blindly…pick & choose… Remember spread it out like butter…spread out thin. We’ve all seen the 70-year-old wearing trending outfits from her head to her feet…Shocking, not good.
5. wear the right lingerie…Please for the love of all things holy…DO NOT wear a black bra under your white blouse!!!! (love my nude bras & panties…and I must say I do love matching bras & panties, makes me feel soooo…well you know 😉wink, wink)

Go out there and turn heads for all the right reasons…not because you’re trying your hardest to look hip or you’re wearing the animal print bra underneath your white blouse. Nope, not for that! Your turning heads because you’re confident and sophisticated following all the right style rules…look at you! You go, girl!

Moms advise

Take the time to dress for the day…no time for the al’natural…dress like you’re going to meet the love of your life, and after…dress to keep the love of your life! (believe me, she would say this, honest)

And last as women we’re always trying so hard…so just give your self a break…do the best you can…and Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂

That’s it for today girl…see you at the Vogue soon.

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