Hey Girl thought I share a quick 11-minute video on 5 tips on committing to your skincare routine. I have to confess I am guilty of being lazy & not sticking to a good regimen. But she made some good points that have helped me stick to it. Thank you Pretty over 50 for this video.
Here is the list…but I do recommend you see the video. You can get to the meat or essence of the video on marker 2.54 so you can speed it up to that… click above…Anyways here they are:

Tips please:

1. Take before photos…she does have a good valid reason for this. Sometimes we think: mmmm I have been spending money and sticking to my routine & I don’t see a significant difference, but hey come to find out, you do look better. I have to agree with her, a very good idea to take before and after photos. Good tip!

Next up:

2. Be clear about what your skincare goals are, it can get overwhelming to decide on all different products. I’m a thinking this is one of her best tips, we really don’t need all the products that they’re pushing us to get…I have the drawer…you know the drawer. The drawer where all the tubes lay, the products you thought you needed because you read somewhere you needed and realized that you didn’t. Are you guilty of that? Do you have the Drawer? This tip alone saves us some good $$.

Understanding the product you are using and why you are using them. Understand them, because our skin needs change from time to time. Know your ingredients, know what kind of reaction they can produce with other products. Say you got a sunburn? What products do you need to set aside so as not to cause irritation? Know your products, know when to use them & when not to use them. 

And now…For us lazy ones…if you’re not lazy disregard this:

4. Make your skincare very easy & convenient…Go through it very, very easily without any hassle…the buckets to the rescue. (Woohoo…love this idea.) The buckets. Organize your a.m routine products in a box/bucket & your nightly routine in another box/bucket lined up. Go down the line of the buckets. Boom, boom, boom & done!

And last…

5. Do it early & make it easy…Get it done as soon as you get up…have all your buckets organized and all your tools ready. Get it done. ( I fix my bed, while I wait for my moisturizer to absorb into my skin) So find ways to do it early & easy, because once you hit the floor, other things seem more interesante and you might not make it back to your mirror. Just get it done.

So there you have it. 
Some good tips to stick to it. I’ma a trying.

Fun Fact:
They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit….I’ll stick to my morning & evening routine for a solid 21 days to develop this good habit. Are you in?

And again here is my mom’s advice, she had some very good habits in her skincare routine:
Mom’s advise

Take the time to dress for the day…no time for the al’natural…dress like you’re going to meet the love of your life, and after…dress to keep the love of your life! (believe me, she would say this, honest)

And last, as women we’re always trying so hard…so give yourself a break…do the best you can…and Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂

That’s it for today girl…see you at the Vogue soon.

FYI…you can speed up the video using the icon gear or the settings right on the video bottom right. Click on it & set the speed you like…I am a very impatient person so mine is set to 2…but you can make it go slower. (Don’t judge me)

~ Martha

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