1. This one scared me: It’s called our resting face…I guess i have to be honest & say I catch myself doing all weird faces when I am concentrating on something or just being…(remember the saying don’t keep doing that face because your face will stay that way…well come to know they were right)  I can tell that on my resting face for some reason I pucker up, grrrrrrrr. I need to fix it.  So what you’ll need to do is to be aware of your face at all times, I know, I know, it sounds a little narcissistic…but that is the only way you can fix it.
The key is to always think about something that makes you smile, like when you went to Cancun and had a blast, so at that moment your face will reflect a more happy and less frowning face. I have caught myself when I open my phone and see myself...ay ayaaa ay …frowning …so I need to work on this.

wonder if there is an app for this like the Breathe session on your iPhone…it will read: Smile, Don’t Frown! Every so often. (someone please build it)

2.  Next up is Dewy...Yes make your face look dewy, it will reflect a more youthful look, not greasy but dewy, remember dewy….did I say that enough? So it starts with a good evening face cleaning routine. For the morning routine using the correct moisturizer, foundation & dewy shimmer will help.

3.  And now for my favorite: Color in our puffers (cheeks) creates a more youthful look…how true is that.. I pat mine on the apples of my cheeks...does wonders.
(well at least i think it does)I also put some on my nose & forehead like I as if I was kissed by the sun. (shameful sun)

4.  Last…on the list is SLEEP….you want to defy gravity on your jowl lines, go to bed early and sleep a good 7 to 8 hours…hey that’s 8 hours of defying gravity. More youthful look all around.

Of course there are so many other things you should do, to make yourself feel and look better…but these are my favorites for now. 

What are some of your fave makeup products? Or what are some of your fave beauty tips? Let us know in the comment section!

~ Martha

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