Hey Girl just thought I share a quick 13 minute video on how to gently hide your little pooch or tummy. We all have it…especially some of us that are going thru menopause. Yes, during menopause OUR WAIST THICKENS  :’-( keep saying that to yourself several times … it kinda hurts.

FYI…you can speed up the video using the icon gear or the settings right on the video bottom right. Click on it & set the speed you like…I am a very impatient person so mine is set to 2…but you can make it go slower. (Don’t judge me)
But I went ahead and wrote out the 10 tips she mentioned just in case you are not so inclined to view it today…nice & easy tips anyone can incorporate. Here they are:

1. an a-line top (she shows you what to look for when shopping for it)

2. high waisted jeans are a girls best friend…(suck you in?) mmm lol

3  layering on top of your outfits ( dusters…etc. creating a flow) flowy flowy

4. invest in shapewear…no matter what size you are. ( I like this one, we’ve been conditioned to let it all out…Not good!) Well thanks Coco Chanel.

5. add definition to the smallest part of your body  ( I seriously couldn’t find my smallest part, but maybe you can)
6. layer your tops to draw away from your tummy, tops with curve designs (tip: curve & curve…good one)
7. spanx workout wear…we have carried them in the store before…awesome pieces.
Moms advise:
8. posture…yes we forget. (Thanks Mom for your daily reminders…oh wait our mothers don’t live with us anymore. So remind yourself.)

9. showing off another good part of your body, take the eyes away from your tummy
And last but not least:
10. give your self a break…do the best you can…and Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂

~ Martha

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