The Western Vibe

The Western Vibe

Published by Mimi Fernandez on May 23rd 2019

"Old McDonald had a farm..." 

I know you, you're probably singing the rest of that song at the top of your lungs and you know what.. I'm not judging! 

The thing is, we can't help but bring out our "yee-haw" country side once in a while and with summer fast-approaching it's a perfect opportunity to do so! You have a perfect excuse now to bring out those rhinestone cowboy boots, with turquoise stitching, floral print, and the whole shebang. After all, if you don't overdo it for rodeos and country concerts, I hate to brake it to you but, you're doing it all wrong, my friend! 

This is why I have made the effort to show you a little glimpse into my personal style when it comes to getting the "western experience" or "western vibe" or whatever your little heart wants to call it. These are all new arrival pieces that we received this week! Fresh out of the oven! 

*Disclaimer: The only rule to fashion is that there is NO RULES! I am no fashion stylist, but if you are into mixing and matching bohemian style with a western vibe, then we just became best friends! On the contrary, feel free to drop by the store and make these pieces your own by adding to these outfits and make the outfit scream your name!


 Cardigan: Brand: Soft Surroundings. Size: X-Large. Price: $45.

This cardigan/duster is absolutely adorable! It was love at first sight. The moment I saw it on that clothing rack I knew I had to show it some love. Of course, I tried it on and modeled a bit in front of the mirror and put it back on that rack. You know what they say: if its meant to be, it will come back to you, somehow, somewhere.

Anyways, it is such a beautiful piece to pair with a flowy summer dress or even some jean shorts, black tank top and your favorite pair of cowboy boots! Yee-haw! 

 Dress: Brand: Double D Ranch. Size: Medium. Price: $127.  

If you haven't figured it out yet.. I am obsessed with summer dresses! I love them all. Simple, solid colors or fancy lace, embroidered ones. 

This one in particular, is the best of both worlds. It is flowy but, it cinches at the waist to flaunt what your momma gave you! And the sleeves, I mean, come on! Embroidered and slightly ruffled! Doesn't get better than that cowgirls!

 Dress: Brand: Double D Ranch. Size: Small. Price: $116.

2 words: Stinkin' cute! This style is so amazing I can't even begin to describe it! It is a mint green summer dress paired with a Remy leather vest (Get out! Leather vest?) and then layered some gold chain necklaces to bring it all together. This can be worn to a rodeo, to a country concert, to a hot date with your cowboy, or even around town because we live in Texas y'all! 

I could talk and talk if you let me, but let's be honest, that's never fun. Annoying! So, I will cut this blog short now and simply thank you for reading through all of it! I love you for that. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts to come. We love entertaining you and giving you a little glimpse into our personal style and, heck, our wacky personalities as well :)

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One last thing: Stay golden! Until the next blog, Voguers! 

Your girl,