My High Paid Models at

My High Paid Models at

Published by Martha on Sep 24th 2020

Nah I really don't have models...hey but I have some beautiful IT girls...Gaby & Celeste are my website online store girls...they work so hard to put up all our pretty new arrivals for you...all to come out every Tuesday without fail. Right that you always get your New Arrivals fix on Tuesday?

Gaby & Celeste posting their first-ever modeling video...Great job gals! 

Gaby wearing:
XY-YC NWT Silky Silver Blouse 16.99 with a Notations Black Long Velour Skirt 15.99 coordinated with a flair of the western with a Tony Lame Leather belt 21.99

Next up a Lewis Albert Olive Green Dress size 4 with a pretty bottom yellow darts 80.99 (too bad the video cut off the bottom part of this beautiful dress (sigh)

& lastly a Chico's sheer brown cotton blouse size 1/Small 21.99 with some cotton cream pants 21.99 make sure and shop online at or call to order or just stop by. See you at the Vogue!

girl, stay safe & golden