My Fave Fall Trends !!!

My Fave Fall Trends !!!

Published by Rebecca Valerio on Oct 11th 2017

Well Hello There!!

As seasons change, we are all starting to decide what our fall look will be this year. I chose to look at ELLE magazine for some inspiration. At first it was overwhelming, because you have to decipher the crazy runway looks, everyday life, and you, the REAL everyday woman!


So, to give you a head start, I tried to narrow down all of their trends to my Favorite Five: 

  1. The Color Red


Power it up girls! Red is officially the color for fall 2017, as states ELLE Magazine. Add a splash of red, or cover yourself from head to toe in red to accentuate that bold sexy look of red!

2. 70’s Plaid


Pants, coats, and even formal gowns- bright versatile plaid will keep you looking so trendy as you’re out and about this coming season!

3. Retro Hats


Brimmed, bucket and all types of textiles! Retro and vintage hats will be a big part of the fall/winter season this year. Oh and yeah, you guessed it! Finally an excuse to not do my hair for the day! Heehee.

4. Vintage Floral Prints


Just like the fresh plaid, correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure you’re going to love this vintage floral print that is making a come-back! from tops to gowns, you name it! Personally I’m LOVING it!

5. Mid-length Flouncy Skirts


This trend is so fun and easy and probably the most versatile! You have so many different looks depending on the shoe it’s paired with: flats, boots, heels, etc. Oh and did I mention? Flattering for ALL figures! Yes, come to momma!


And that completes my fall look book, ladies! My Fave Five for this fall.

Want to share which one is your favorite for this fall? Go ahead and let me know, share with us your thoughts! Oh, and by the way, do you have some ideas or certain topics or issues you face when it comes to your fall shopping and would like for me to blog about it? Go ahead and shoot me an email. I would love to hear about it. My email is: