My 13- year-old Brat!

My 13- year-old Brat!

Published by Martha on Dec 15th 2020

13-year-olds know everything! I told Erin...she super agreed!
Yes & no...I know what you're thinking.

No,I do not really have a 13-year-old...and yes they know everything...What I do have is a 13-year-old boutique.

Can you believe the Vogue is 13.5 years old...13.5 you know teenage girls always add that .5 when asked how old they are, for some reason we wanted to sound older...oops I accidentally added myself there. lol

The reason I am saying how long we have been around is to let you know, we want to stick around for at least 13 years more. And that is why we had to do some ways of conducting business a little different and with the pandemic it was an absolute must. 

We do not do the colored discounts anymore...and we honor our consignors listings with more time on the floor. We appreciate our precious consignors, without them, you would not be one to love shopping here. A huge shout out to them. Can you hear our shout out? You, you our beloved consignor? THANK YOU.

And for you our thrifty shopper we have periodic sales and promotions plus our prices are great. That's why it is so important for you to pay attention to our emails.

Let me list the promotions we have through-out the year among other flash sales sandwiched in between... Our Anniversary Sale in June, second up our Big Semi-Annual Sale, that ended with the stuff the bag guys absolutely loved that one, who wouldn't?, our Prime Sale, next up Black Wednesday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, a Repeat Black Friday...and our End of the year Clearance Sale tba*. See we take care of you.

My 13 year old is hanging on amidst the pandemic and we would like to thank you for supporting us little people (boutique)

Sure she is bratting, but really who is not when they are 13.

Check out our Newbies for this week ...week 12/15...cute and sassy things just for you our cute and sassy customers.

stay safe & golden,


ps - A note to our consignors: Please...please... when we change season, which is coming up pretty soon... please bring in your items as soon as possible. They will have a better chance of selling instead of bringing them towards the end of the season.

*tba = to be announced