Does your clothes talk about you? mmmm

Does your clothes talk about you? mmmm

Published by Martha on May 4th 2021

Hey girl how important is clothing to you? Can it really talk about you? Remember growing up, smarty adults would tell you: "Your clothes say a lot about you & the kind of person you are" and of course you (me) would roll our eyes. But the truth is that it does. There I said it.

Can it also affect your salary? I recently read this interesting article click here if you want to read it. Title was How Spending $162,301 on Clothes Made Me $692,500! Wow!

What it boiled down to, was that spending some money on your appearance lends a message to others that you are valuable. And people that are more confident make more mula $$.

Have you seen a well groomed/dressed women, so put together & sigh … how does she do it?

Well their little secret is out…they shop resale & consignment boutiques. I know because I happen to own a consignment boutique & see it first hand, women in our boutque buy certain pieces, put together a great looking outfit at a fraction of retail & Voila! Spending cheap. Looking chic.

Sad reality is that people judge us on how well we do or live based on things they can see…our clothing. Let's be smart, let's not spend a fortune to show others our value. Shop consignment first. 

Stay golden my friends,